Voice, Fiber Optic and Data Cabling

Need help installing, maintaining, and inspecting your cable systems? Our technicians are trained to resolve fiberoptic and data cabling dilemmas by assessing each situation with care. We always propose solutions that are suitable to your business and your budget.

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A field technician working on a fiber connection

At Schultz Technology, we can provide:

  • Installation and maintenance of data cabling and fiber optics
  • Ethernet cable (CAT6)
  • Renovations
  • Design build
  • Network rack and cable cleanup
  • Testing and certifying that your cabling system meets industry standards and operates at peak performance
An array of fiber cables

Let’s work together to get your new voice, fiber optic, and data cabling system up and running. Click here to request a consultation today.

Free Consultation

Keeping Your Business Running

Data cabling is a broad term that involves running data cables for your computer network space and providing telecom equipment (such as office phone systems) for your business. You should contact us for your data cabling needs when:

  • Planning for a new office space
  • Moving office
  • You acquire a new network server and/or phone system

Increasing Organization and Workplace Safety

Our team has expertise in measuring cable and determining how much will be needed for your environment while leaving the space looking clean and neat—no exposed cables when Schultz is on the job. However, aside from aesthetics, we also want to make sure that your office is as safe as possible. A network rack with a complicated tangle of cables can lead to all kinds of problems, including:

  • Overheating
  • Airflow restriction
  • Poor hardware management
  • Poor network performance
  • Becoming a potential fire hazard for your employees

The safety of your employees should always come first. If you need help cleaning up your cable systems, call us today at (877) 495-6204.

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