Business Security Systems

If you want to maintain smooth operations and high productivity, communication and security are essential. With the business security and paging systems from Schultz Technology, we can help you cover these bases to keep your workforce both informed and safe at all times. We provide on-site software, cloud solutions for small businesses, and can work with multiple sites to keep all facilities equally secure.

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Finding the Right Security System for Your Business

The central purpose of access control systems is to keep buildings secure while allowing employees and other trusted individuals access. Our professional team can find areas of your business that might require additional security and find systems that might need to be updated.

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Schultz Technology Solutions for

Business Security Needs

Small and mid-sized businesses generally lack the checks and balances that larger businesses have to prevent thefts and break-ins. Don’t leave security to chance—protect your business! We’ll show you how. We offer a variety of affordable solutions, including:

Building access options.

This includes card, FOB, and fingerprint access systems via keyscan. All systems come with special permissions such as date/time of access for each employee, restricting access to certain areas in the building, and more.

Intruder detection.

Our systems can help you recognize and prevent outside threats to your employees and other assets.

Convenient monitoring.

You can access your office security wherever you are, at any time. Get customizable monitoring and retention options to monitor 24/7 or at hours of your choosing.

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